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J Studio Welcomes You

Essence of Beauty comes from within

24/7 Make-up and Wedding Gowns


I am an Image stylist who works for individuals, fashion houses, and clothing brands.

My main expertise includes providing fashion advice; curating and coordinating outfits for clients for photo shoots, selecting props and accessories, and preparing them for shoots.

As an artist, I beautify and enhance the features of clients preparing for special occasions, movie productions, and stage appearances.

I provide Make-up Services and a few selections of handmade Wedding gowns from designer friends.



mae up styling 1.jpeg

Wedding Make up

Today a Bride, tomorrow a wife.

A bridal makeup look is one you wear to your wedding. Generally, it is designed to last all day, photograph well, and look beautiful.

2 hr | $200

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Fashion Styling

Meets your Fashion needs.

I will be providing fashion advice; choosing and coordinating outfits for models in photo shoots or actors in television and film; and choosing props and accessories and preparing them for shoots.

2 hr | $200

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Gowns and Dresses / Custom Designs

Make your dresses look beautiful on you.

I cater to Ready to wear or customized gowns and dresses. Be exclusive, Be Divine, and Be yourself. We can make and show more designs.

2 hr | $500-$2000